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Danielle Alura singing for SIUF China
Danielle Alura singing for Nicole Miller Fashion Show

Danielle Alura Singing performances

Shenzhen, China:  

Singing solo for SIUF China Lingerie Fashion Week live on TV across 24 channels in ASIA

Los Angeles, CA: 

Singing for Nicole Miller 2016 Swimwear runway show

Available Now on 150+ Platforms! 

Danielle Alura singing
Danielle Alura singing
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Danielle Alura Can you Hear me
Danielle Alura on Spotify

Danielle Alura has a crossover voice and can sing most any genre of music, from pop to show tunes to opera. Once adopted, the day she came home to her family as a baby she was greeted with a song her father wrote on the Leslie Hammond organ. That organ is still in her family home dusted off and played on joyous occasions-- which in her fabulous upbringing is very often. Growing up, her Italian family was very musically inclined- especially while cooking in the kitchen. Her grandpa Joe, who just turned 102, would be watching baseball on mute while blasting Italian opera all while cooking an Italian dish. With an all sensory experience from birth, music became Danielle. Even Danielle's father can pick up any instrument and play a tune. 


Danielle Alura has always written music. Mixing and mastering songs only for her family to enjoy. She writes in most any genre of music and has finished more than 6 albums worth of songs in 2019 alone. In being an entertainer (actress model and singer) this is given her the opportunity to see the world. Coming across so much pollution and litter on her travels, she decided this needed to be her musics starting point. She decided she would release her first original to the world for the first time in effort to promote climate action. Her first single, Can you hear me. 

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